How to Enter

Entries closed on September 16th 2012, however there will be two non-championship “entry on the day” courses available; it doesn’t matter if  you are a novice or an expert, or if you are a member of an orienteering club or not.

Classes (only those in bold are championship courses)

M10, M12, M14, M16A, M18A, M20A, M21E, M21L, M21S, M35L, M40L, M40S, M45L, M50L, M50S, M55L, M60L, M60S, M65L, M70L, M75L, M80L

W10, W12, W14, W16A, W18A, W20A, W21E, W21L, W21S, W35L, W40L, W40S, W45L, W50L, W50S, W55L, W60L, W60S, W65L, W70L, W75L, W80L

Seniors – €12
Junior/Student – €6
Over 65/Unwaged – €9
Family – €30

Entry on the Day (EOD)
There are two entry on the day courses available; neither are championship courses. If possible please download and complete this EOD form before travelling. Prices: Adult orienteering club member €8; Student/Junior €5; Family €20;  Non orienteering club member €10.

Yellow: easy, not buggy friendly, 1.6k, 25m climb
Light Green: difficult, not buggy friendly, 3.2k, 90m climb
Map scale: 1:10,000 (1cm = 100metres)