General Information

Control Descriptions: available in the Start Area.

Download and Results for all courses will be at the Assembly Area. Results will be displayed in the Assembly Area.

Enquiries: any enquiries should be directed to the Event Team at the Assembly Area.

SI Card Rental: The collection of rented SI Cards will be in the Assembly Area from 10:00 hours. Please acknowledge receipt of the card by signing the SI card rental list. Rented SI cards must be returned at download. Lost or damaged SI Cards will incur a charge of €40.

Start: The start for all courses is approximately 1.5 km with 100m of climb (20-30 minutes) from the Assembly Area. The first 800m is along a public road – please exercise caution when walking along or crossing this road.

There will be a start -5 minute box along the track leading to the Start – to prevent congestion at the Start please do not proceed beyond this box until 5 minutes before your allocated start. Competitors who arrive at the start too early will be asked to return to the pre-start.

There will be no clothing transfer. In the event of bad weather the ‘Cagoule Rule’ may be enforced.

Finish: The Finish for all courses is 1.2 km from the Assembly Area along a public road – please exercise caution when walking along or crossing this road.

The finish will not be manned. There will be no map retention and all competitors are asked to adhere to the spirit of fairness and not to share maps with competitors yet to start.

Competitor Safety: Whistles must be carried by all competitors regardless of weather. This rule will be strictly enforced with checks at the Start. In the event of bad weather the event organisers may enforce a requirement to carry suitable windproof/waterproof clothing. Whistles will be on sale in the Assembly area. Full leg covering is required for all courses. Please read the full event safety statement.

Assembly Area: The Assembly Area will open at 10:00 hours. First Aid will be available at the Assembly Area. Please inform an event official as soon as possible of any potential problem. There will be a String Course available at the Assembly Area for small children.

Refreshments:  The Irish Junior Squad will be providing Refreshments at the Event as a fundraiser. Tea, coffee etc will be available together with some home baked items. Please support their efforts generously.

Prize Giving: Prizes will be awarded at 15:30 hours in the Assembly Area. Prizes will be available to each first place finisher on the championship courses. Prizes will also be available for second and third place finishers on the Junior courses. There will be no prizes for the short courses.

General Notes: Mobile phone coverage in the area is poor to non-existent. Please follow the country code and leave no trace principles. Please bring all rubbish home with you – don’t leave it to the organisers to dispose of full rubbish bags.