Rules & Policies

The 2012 Leinster Orienteering Championships are organised under the rules and policies of the Irish Orienteering Association.

Please read the following Data Protection, Dog and Safety policies that also apply:

Data Protection Policy
Competitors should note that all results will be published on including name, class, club, result and split times.

Dogs are not permitted in the parking, assembly or competition areas, even if they are on a leash. Please respect this – we are entirely reliant on the continued goodwill of the local farming community and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.


  • Orienteering is an adventure sport – you are primarily responsible for your own safety when taking part in this event. Competitors are reminded that orienteering takes place on rough, uneven, slippery terrain, may involve steep ascents and descents, and routes can be in close proximity to cliffs.
  • The safety of other competitors is more important than your own run – if you realise that a fellow competitor is in difficulty then please assist them.
  • In view of the exposed nature of the terrain, a policy of NO WHISTLE NO GO will be strictly enforced. The internationally recognised distress signal is 6 blasts of the whistle with a 1 minute break and then repeated. The reply is 3 blasts with the same pause.
  • Competitors are reminded that weather conditions at the time you start are no guarantee of the conditions later on. The prevailing weather at the start will often be different to the weather encountered on the course. Please bear in mind that the competition takes place on open mountainside approximately 200m above and approximately 20-30 minutes walk the parking area.
  • A decision on rain jackets (cagoules) will be taken on the morning of the event based on the prevailing weather conditions. If rain jackets must be carried a notice will be posted in the Assembly Area or the way to the start. Competitors will be disqualified if they do not have their rain jacket at the finish.
  • All starters will be recorded by a start official. All finishers will be recorded on an electronic timing system – if you do not report to the download station you will be assumed to be lost or injured and the event’s rescue procedures will be invoked. You may be liable for the cost of an unnecessary search.
  • If you have travelled to the event alone please leave your name on the safety list in the assembly area and cross your name off the list when you finish.
  • Ajax Orienteering Club will maintain an incident log at the event.
  • Local Gardaí and Mountain rescue will be informed that the event is taking place.
  • There will be first aid available at the assembly area.
  • Ajax reserves the right to refuse to allow any competitor to start and to ask any competitor to retire from the event immediately.
  • Please note that access to the start (800m) and return from the finish (1.2k) are along a public road. Please exercise care in walking along or crossing this road. Juniors may need to be accompanied.